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Serving One and All - Pastor Larry Moss
Serving One and All

The Ministry of Helps! What an awesome call
To be a servant of God and feeling so very tall
Serving one another and continually meeting their need
Serving them from your heart and helping them to succeed
Commitment is your life. to serve one another is your game
Stay in the Ministry of Helps and your life will surely change
God is not unrighteous to forget your work of love
You are in a supernatural ministry given to you from above
It is a joy to be involved in the Ministry of God’s plan
To fulfill the vision of others in order to possess the land
Elisha followed Elijah to serve him night and day
Jonathan had his Armour bearer to follow him all the way
Jesus had his disciples to feed the multitude
Martha helped Mary serve Jesus and his followers with food
The Ministry of Helps! It is all in the Word of God you know
Stay involved in the MOH and you will be in the flow
Working in the nursery! OH, What a glorious place to be
Changing dirty diapers while their parents are being set free
Working with children and serving them week after week
Watching them grow up in him and God’s face they do seek
Working in the sound department to make sure of the control
So we can hear the word to bring increase to the fold
Working within the band to play instruments of praise
So people can praise and worship with their hands upraised
Giving your life to the teens to help them with the word
To support them as they take heed to what they have heard
Prison ministry, Nursing Home Ministry and Evangelism too
It’s all the Ministry of Helps that is dependent upon you
Don’t forget the ushers when you need a helping hand
And the Host and Hostess as they hug you again and again
Bookstore workers are involved in helping you to succeed
By pointing you to the right materials, helping you to receive
The camera person has an exciting job to do
To help people to keep their eyes focused on who’s who
Special singers are important as they sing songs of love
Preparing the people for the Word of God that is from above
Mowing the Yard and cleaning the church is important too
It may be a small thing, but to God! That is ministry too
In the prayer room you may serve to pray for those in need
Praying the prayer of faith to help them better to receive
Anything you do that serves the least or the great
Is a manifestation of love and a manifestation of faith
You give a cup of water and only serve one or two
You will have great rewards coming back to you
So it does matter what you do large or small
You are in the Ministry of Helps, a supernatural call
The Ministry of Helps is certainly a very anointed place
It’s the way of the Spirit and it’s the moving of His Grace
Serving is a commitment, a commitment from the heart
Stay faithful to your call; do not pull back from your part
Yes! The Ministry of Helps is truly an awesome call
Thank God for your opportunity to serve one and all 
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