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Planning Activaties and Events
7 Things in Planning an Activity or Event
by Stephanie Bell

1. Always begin advertising 4-6 months in advance for large, multiple day, costly events. For smaller activities advertise at least one month in advance.

2. Remember: Teens ALWAYS sign up last minute! If you have an event or activity that requires limited spaces, be sure to stress that to your teens and begin advertising earlier than a normal activity. You can always give some type of incentive for signing up early! Always keep your word on deadlines - the first time you don't, teens will never believe you when you announce them the next time.

3. When planning large events/activities that require renting other facilities. Begin to make your reservations at least 6 months in advance, otherwise you may not be able to get what you need - you will have to settle for what is available. (Note:; This is a very important point for ski trips - I would suggest at least 6 months in advance for these.)

4. Put together an activity schedule for a whole year in January or September. Plan the events evenly apart, check when schools are our for long weekends - so you can plan six flags trips or other out of town trips. Don't plan activities too close to Major Holidays (New Year's Eve is ok).

5. Always make sure you have plenty of adult leaders when you go on trips or do any major activity. It is not worth having a large group of teens participate without proper leadership! A good ratio for long distance trips is 1 adult to every 5 teens. For local events 1 adult per 10 teens.

6. After an event is over always write thank you notes to your key people who made the event a success! Not only will they feel appreciated, but also the next time you need help they will be the first in line.

7. ALWAYS do event/activity recaps! This will help you immensely in planning them in the future. A recap should tell you how much income you had and what your expenses were.
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