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 Free Wheel Chair Mission - TWENTY FIVE YEARS AGO, the sight of a crippled Moroccan woman crawling across a dirt road planted a seed that germinated in 1999 when Don Schoendorfer, founder of Free Wheelchair Mission, invested his education and professional expertise as a PhD Mechanical Engineer to create a simple, rugged, and inexpensive wheelchair. The mental picture of the crawling woman's anguish and loss of dignity had haunted him for years until God opened a path for Dr. Schoendorfer.
 Camino De Vida , Lima Peru - Life Missions (Camino de Vida in Spanish) is a non-denominational, spirit-filled mission work. We have a heart to reach South America with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through Bible training, church planting, and social work. The first Camino de Vida Church was established in 1988 with the vision of reaching youth, strengthening families and making disciples. Today that church has close to 7,000 members with over 50 satellite churches. Through our Pastors' fellowship called DESTINY, we network hundreds of churches, and work with new church plants in unreached areas.
 Living Water Family Church - Great church and Pastor!
 Faith Outreach Center, Tampa FL. - Pastor George received the vision for Faith Outreach Center in 1980 which began meeting in his home and quickly expanded into the ministry facility that currently exists on Sheldon Road. He is very active in mission work in the Carribbean as well as serving as the President of Faith Outreach Center Ministerial Fellowship (FOCMF) and Faith Theological Seminary and Christian College.
 Faith Christian College , Tampa FL. - As Paul wrote to Timothy and Peter wrote to believers, each encouraged their readers to "study to (be able) to rightly divide the word of truth" and "to be ready to give a defense. for the hope that is in you". Even though we can learn through the sermons and the teaching that is shared in Sunday services, mid-week services, and Sunday School, it is still only topical learning with a basic understanding of what the Word is saying.
 Renewal Lutheran Church - Maylasia - Driving along Jalan 222 one day in 1988, Dr. Joshua Yee, a Lutheran pastor for many years, heard the voice of God, "Build a church here." After much prayer, Renewal Lutheran Church was founded on Reformation Day, October 31, 1988. The meeting place was a rented third floor office block along Jalan 222. The young congregation soon outgrew the premises and a property was purchased in Jalan 227. After five years, the place was again too small for their growing needs and the Cosa Liebermann Building was purchased to meet the needs of the "Church of the Tomorrow" .
 Helps books in German - Der SHALOM-VERLAG wurde im Jahre 1987 von Manfred Schmidt ins Leben gerufen.
 Christ Nation Ministries - Founded in 1994, Christ Nation Ministries has grown and developed into an organization that has a significant role in missions mobilization. Beginning in Bolivia, South America and having a lasting effect in Latin America, as well as the world, spreading the message of Jesus Christ for a long-term impact.
 New Creation Church - Singapore - New Creation Church is an independent charismatic church in Singapore with 12,000 members. The vision of the church is three-fold ? Worship, Word and Work. We enter the presence of God in worship, receive His spoken rhema Word that strengthens, encourages, nurtures and transforms us; good works are naturally produced as a result.
 The Bible - Bible.com helps you know and love God, while spreading the truth of the Bible to others, through the cutting edge of the Internet. This ministry touches people all over the world.
 The McWilliams Family - Gail McWilliams is a vivacious and humorous speaker who will inspire and encourage you to run the race that is set before you with joy. She couples real life with the Word of God and helps you see a little better than you ever saw before. Her personal story of how she lost her eyesight will amaze you as she challenges you to have a bigger vision in God.
 International School of Ministry - The International Curriculum? has been created by Good Shepherd Ministries International. It is a revolutionary new tool for pastors, missions organizations, missionaries and national leaders in foreign countries. We like to view the project as the training equivalent of the Jesus movie. The IC consists of professionally-recorded training sessions taught by mature Christian leaders in many of the world's major languages. Since all of the material was developed in a bilingual format, new languages can be added easily. The IC covers a wide variety of subjects and utilizes a broad selection of teachers from diverse backgrounds. Those teachers include: Jack Hayford, T.L. Osborn, Reinhard Bonnke, Joyce Meyer, Larry Stockstill, Buddy Bell, Ed Cole, Brian Houston, A.R. Bernard & Dick Eastman, to name a few.
 Church Camino de Vida-Cusco - Created by its founders, Ministers Wilfredo y Jessica Mont on January 2001, with the purpose to fulfill the God given vision to edify the church of Christ through the preaching and teaching of the Word of God with demonstration of the Holy Spirit and power.
 Personal Promise Bible - Have you ever inserted your name as you read the Bible to make it more
 Harrison House - In November 1975 Buddy and Pat Harrison launched Harrison House Publishers, releasing their first titles in 1976. Harrison House has published and distributed more than 100 million books in 42 languages and in more than 175 countries.
 Rising Sun School in Japan - John and Hiromi Stemmons Missionaries to Japan
 Doug Jones Ministries - Doug Jones is a teacher at Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa, Ok. He also travels and teaches on Healing and Marriage.
 The Ministry of Helps by Nathan Bailey - 1996 William Nathan Bailey, All Rights Reserved. Written to fulfill partial requirements of the Master of Theology Degree of Life Christian University and Seminary, Tampa, Florida. Bound volume published by Information Conservation, Browns Summit, North Carolina and held in the Life Christian University and Seminary Library. Excerpts may be published if properly credited.
 Living Water Teaching - Since 1979, Living Water Teaching has been making disciples through training and demonstration throughout Central America. With mission centers in seven countries, the ministry continues to grow and expand under the leadership of co-founder and president Marion Zirkle. She has led the ministry since a plane crash on November 1, 1998 claimed the lives of her husband Jim, their son Jimmy, son-in-law Chris Hamberger, two missionaries and six short-term missionaries.
 Chariots of Fire Ministries - Galen and Jodie began visiting the Philippines in 1987. In 1993, they founded the Chariots of Fire Missions School of Ministry in Lucena City, Quezon. The school has been specifically designed for training ministers and church workers. A large component of the curriculum used at the three-year school is a video series called "Supernatural Ministries Training Institute" (SMTI), taught by Dr. Mark T. Barclay.
 SonShine Puppets - Ken and his wife, Judy, have been involved in Children's Ministry for more than 14 years, ministering to children at camps, Children's Church, family services, holiday clubs and conventions. Their puppetry skills have been utilized at numerous festivals, Christian Religious Education classes and churches.
 Christian Publishing Services - If you have ever dreamed of publishing that one topic that God has given to you to share with the Body of Christ, or you have a list of titles that you have written and would like to get them in print, we would like to introduce you to the qualified team at Christian Publishing Services.
 Alliance Defense Fund - The Alliance Defense Fund is now America's largest religious liberty legal alliance, not just a "law firm," that works to protect and defend traditional family values, religious freedom, and the sanctity of human life through strategy and coordination, training, funding, and litigation.
 Childrens Personalized Books - A child's success in the education system depends heavily on reading skills.� So a life-long habit of reading gives any child a distinct advantage when they get to high school and college.
 SelfGrowth.com  - SelfGrowth.com is the most complete guide to information about Self Improvement, Personal Growth and Self Help on the Internet. It is designed to be an organized directory, with articles and references to thousands of other Web Sites on the World Wide Web.
 We Spread the Word - Christian Search Engine
 Videoobotics - Cosmos economical live video production systems for churches, theaters, and events. Top quality pan/tilt/zoom cameras, video switcher-mixer, and friendly software to control it all from your laptop or PC. Two-camera system with A/V mixer and control software starts under $4500. Used by many churches, theaters,and even Jet Propulsion Laboratory! Perfect for small congregations on a budget. Personal service is how we do business.
 Dr. Bob Utley Ministries - These commentaries represent the ministry of Dr. Bob Utley, a retired Professor of Hermeneutics with more than 16 years full-time university teaching experience in the U.S. and now an international Bible teacher. A complete resume is available at www.BibleLessonsIntl.com (also a complete listing of Dr. Utley��?s other Bible study materials). To contact Dr. Utley, please send e-mail to: bob@freebiblecommentary.org
 FAVA - Two gifted sisters, Nesha Thompson, ?Sassy? and Shalese Thompson, ?Classy? began praising God through creative dance as young girls.
 Administrative Assistance  - From 1988, we have helped more than 2,000 churches with church admin issues, and have produced several church administration policy Manuals and videos. Church policies are crucial to effective administration, and avoiding nasty liability problems. We help new churches to get started, and established churches get on a Biblical foundation, at a very low cost, with excellent [Attorney approved] Biblical By Laws. The church is already 501(c)(3) without having to spend a Dime with the IRS - but only if we are properly organized and operational. We help you gain an understanding of all these things by providing an ever expanding library of helpful on-line articles.
 Personal Growth from SelfGrowth.com - Personal Growth from SelfGrowth.com
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