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How to conduct a Ministry of Helps Banquet
Ministry of Helps Appreciation Banquet

                 Why? I Cor. 16 verses 15 - 18

1. This is for your people who have served in some way for the church. It is important that they bring their spouse if they have one. They need to see that you do really appreciate everything their spouse has done for the church.

2. Please do not make it a potluck banquet! They have been serving for a year and they need not have to fix their own meals. Have it catered or have the staff prepare it for them. Also do not have them go through a line. This is a great time for the staff to serve the ones that have been serving them.

3. Have a theme for the banquet. Let's say you have a Hawaiian theme you want to have Hawaiian music, decorations, maybe a Hawaiian talent show among the staff and let the helpers judge them. You want to make this a fun night.

4. Have quest speaker who is funny and has done banquets for workers. You don't want another church service.

5. Have special awards to hand out. Ask each department head give you the names or names of people that have been faithful. Do a servant family of the year, the most improved, etc. Don't just give a paper certificate but get a nice looking plaque with their name engraved on it. Give the Servant of the family a gift certificate to a furniture store or a overnight at a bed and breakfast.

6. Go to your local merchants and ask if they would donate something to the church for a drawing that you are having for your workers. You will be surprised what they will give and what a way to tell your community how you appreciate your people.
Here is what I have seen some churches do at their banquets:
a. $1500 in increments of $20, $50, $100
b. 52 in. TV
c. coupons worth $1000 on American airlines
d. Tickets to a football, baseball, basketball game
e. Complete computer systems
f. Laptop computers
g. One church gave away a car. Those who attended all of the Pastor's classes for the year, 10 monthly meetings, were in the drawing.
h. Just be creative with Love! Love is an action word!

Let me share with you what one pastor share with me concerning his Helps banquet. He was talking with his accountant about the cost of the banquet, it was $15,000. He said you know that we are getting off pretty cheap. We have 1,000 workers coming to the banquet and it only cost me $15.00 for a year of their time, it's not fare. This was a pastor who truly appreciated his people's time in serving the Lord.
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