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Helps Ministry Volunteer Confession

Helps Ministry Volunteer Confession

I am more than just a member or a volunteer,
I am a Helps Minister serving with excellent quality care.
I am prompt and punctual as I get up and get going, rising to the occasion in excellence.
I complete the  project presented to me, on time, within the budget and according to the plan.
I serve with honor in a godly way, prepared for every good work.
I walk in love, in one accord and of one mind, diffusing all strife and maintaining unity.
I realize that I am serving to protect the anointing of my Pastor
and God's vision for my church.
My priority is to serve and protect, and I do it in a respectful manner in gentleness and patience.
The vision for my church is for me and I run with it.
I see myself in it, because my Purpose, Potential, Gift and Success can be found in it.
I serve in a spot, serving from spot to spot to spot to spot, on my way to my spot!
I am more than just a member or a volunteer,
I am a Helps Minister.
I am committed and found faithful to the end!
In Jesus Name. Amen.



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