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Fundraising Ideas
Fundraising Ideas
by stephanie bell

1. Staff vs. Youth Basketball Game
Your church staff or leadership team vs. the teenagers. Here are the steps to take to make this work:
    a. Location: rent a local high school gymnasium. This will be your largest expense and the cost should be around $100 an hour for the entire facility.
    b. Tickets: $5 for individual pass and $15 for a family pass. Remember people pay more because it is going to support the teenagers.
    c. Concessions: you bring the food and drinks, you make all the profit! Sell items such as canned pop, candy bars and nachos. These are low cost, high profit items.
    d. Raffle: have a drawing for someone to make a half court $10,000 shot. How? purchase insurance from Hole in One International (800-827-2249). For $500 they will pay the shooter $10,000 if the shot is made. You make your $500 back by selling tickets for one or two dollars each. Who wouldn't pay a dollar for a chance at $10,000.
    e. Donations: Announce that you are taking donations at the door when people are leaving. You should be able to cover the cost of the gym just with the donations received at the door.

2. Mother's Day Rose Sale
If this event is promoted and organized properly, you have the potential to raise a lot of money for your ministry.
Here are the steps to take:
    a. Help: find a flower shop in your area and let them know what you are doing, i.e. missions fundraiser. Ask if they will sell you roses at cost or slightly above cost. I know of youth ministries that have done this and bought roses for $.50 - $.99 each.
    b. Promotion: begin promoting at least two to three weeks before Mother's Day. Approach your promotion from the advantage of the men not having to deal with ordering from the flower shop. I guarantee that there is not a man in your church that won't buy at least one rose, if you tell them in advance that you will have them.
    c. Location: on Mother's Day set up stations near all the exits of your church to sell from. Have your teenagers walking around your lobby selling single roses and /or directing people to the stations.
    d. Cost: the following are reasonable prices to sell your roses: single - $3, half dozen - $10, dozen - $20.

Always think through each step before you begin advertising and promoting your fundraisers. If your fundraiser is not organized people will remember that the next time you have a fundraiser and possibly not be as supportive. My church in Tulsa has successfully done these fundraisers for several years now and has seen a great response and support from the church people.
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