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 How do we book Dr. Bell for a meeting?
You can do it online at Booking Dr. Bell or call the MOHI offices at 1-918-245-5768 and ask for Meeting Coordinator.

 Does Bro. Bell just go to certain size churches?
The Lord told Dr. Bell in prayer that if he became selective he would no longer be in the ministry of Helps. He ministers in churches with as few as 10 and churches as big as 10,000. If you are to big to preach in a small church then you are to small to preach in a big church.

 Does Bro. Bell travel overseas?
Yes he has been to Singapore, Malaysia, Peru, Bolivia, England, Africa, New Zealand, Guatemala, El Salvador, Canada, Paraquay, and Venzuala.

 How much does it cost to have Dr. Bell conduct a banquet?
Dr. Bell will exhort and encourage your current workers at a banquet. Please contact Kathy at 1-918-245-5768 for banquet fees.

 What about your workshops?
Workshops have a 25-person minimum and cost $35 per person, pre-registered, or $40 at the door. Please click Workshops for more details.

 Are there special prices given to bookstores?
Yes. Bookstores ordering quantities of 5 or more of each item will receive a discount. Please call our offices at 918-245-5768 to receive pricing information.

 How do I become a monthly supporter of Ministry of Helps?
Click on the Online Giving link above. Thank you for believing in this ministry.

 Are there others ways Dr. Bell ministers?
Yes because of todays technologies Dr. Bell is able to speak to groups live thru the internet. You have permission to show a teaching thru this web site. Dr. Bell is now conducting live training sessions online. Click on Dr. Bell's Info

 Does Dr. Bell have teachings in different languages?
He has teaching materials in Spanish which can be found in our Online Bookstore. Visit the espanol link above for online audio and video in spanish.

 Does Dr. Bell have a Facebook page?
Yes www.facebook.com/ministryofhelps

 Does Dr. Bell have a Twitter account?
Yes you can find him at www.twitter.com/buddybell.

 Does Dr. Bell have a YouTube MyChannel?
Yes and you can find it at www.YouTube.com/drbuddybell

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