A Ministry that HELPS the Local Church
What Pastors and laymen are saying about the Ministry of Helps teachings...

"Dr. Bell shares timeless principles from the Word of God, that are applicable in every church. Principles of Serving that bless every congregation and their pastor. It has been my privilege to have Dr. Bell as a friend, a teacher and a mentor for many years. I have attended his seminars, sat in his training sessions, read his books, and listened to everyone of his CDs and DVDs multiple times. I have also had the privilege of proving these principles through first hand experience over the past twelve years. Whether your church is "Traditional" or "Contemporary". Whether you call them "Helps Teams" or "Core Teams". Whether your have a "Choir" or a "Worship Team".  Whether you have "Sunday School" or a "Kids Ministry". Whether you call them "Ushers & Greeters" or "Heroes". The teachings of Dr. Bell on the Ministry of Helps are timeless and are applicable. Your church and you Pastor will be blessed. 

For ten years I had the unique privilege of serving in a local church as a volunteer in each of the teams I mention above. Having key roles enabled me to introduce and implement Dr. Bell's teachings. It was amazing to see the positive impact on the effectiveness of each team. On the volunteers. On members and guests. And upon the Pastor. 

Now, I am the Pastor of Good News Church. We are a cutting edge church. And YES! We have implemented the teachings of Dr. Bell on the Ministry of Helps. What a difference it has made."

Alan Barnes
Pastor of Good News Church, Columbus, Ohio  PS: Hebrews 6: 10? Believe it! It is true! I know.

What Pastors are saying!

"We appreciate all the hours of work Buddy Bell has put into our ministry of helps to make it one of outstanding excellence. God bless you as you continue to instill quality and superiority into ministries around the nation."
- Joel Osteen, Senior Pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas
"Buddy Bell is the GREATEST!  His ministry to our congregation was one of the most significant in my 30 years as pastor!"
- Tommy Reid, Senior Pastor of Full Gospel Tabernacle in Orchard Park, New York
"For over forty years I have studied church structure.  I am absolutely convinced that it is not great preaching nor is it great praying that is building great churches.  I have heard a lot of people talk about church structure and what is involved, but I have never heard anything better than what I have heard from Buddy Bell"
- Dr. Paul E. Paino, Founder/Bishop of Calvary Temple Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Hi Rev. Buddy. This is a truly belated 'thank-you'. Your sermons in my Church, New Creation Church, changed my life, especially the one on '7 Bible ways to be relate to your Pastor'. I was like the guy you talked about, never being able to blast off in my walk with God, always getting into misunderstandings with the leadership and all that. And boy! I was really frustrated. But when I received your teachings, God turned my heart to receive my Pastors, my leaders, as blessings over and in, my life. And life's never been the same since. Your messages taught me accountability and integrity. I'm a leader in the Youth Ministry in NCC now, and I'm going to teach what you've preached to the young people here. Thank you, Rev. Buddy. The Lord increase you and your wife in every way (except size), blessing the work of your hands and keep you in His Health and His Love. In Jesus' Mighty Name, Amen!


Pete Phillips
Sanford N.C.
" I met Buddy Bell about 20 years ago in Deerfield Bch. Fla.
  The things he taught me have been a blessing to me and every church helper I have met for all this time.
  Thanks & God Bless "

Dana Wade
Tomball, Tx
" Just wanted to let you what a blessing you've been in my life.A while ago I saw helps in 1 Cor.12:28 and realized that was my calling, but had never heard about it before. Then in ISOM there appeared your teaching.THEN I was led to your book in a store. God is sooo good.Thank you! "

Wisconsin Rapids, WI
" Our church has been blessed by the teachings of Buddy Bell that are included in the International School of Ministry curriculum.  Our people are amazed that the ministry of helps can be so powerful. "

Hilo, Hawaii
" Aloha,
Just wanted to say it is an Honor to help serve you here in Hawaii. "

Tom Leuther
Columbia, MO
" First of all I am so sorry it as taken this long to respond to a forward for you new book.  The forward:  Pastors can gleam a greater insight on how to equip the saints to do the work of the ministry by incorporating the gifts God has given them in the ministry of helps.  Every church leader can accomplish more through the principal's of Buddy Bell teachings. "

Mark and Barbara Johnson 5/9/2006
" Buddy, My husband and I are attending ISOM and we studied the helps ministry, it was a real eye opener. A few days after we had learned Hebrews 6:10 we got a letter from a missionary that we support, she wrote in the letter that Hebrews 6:10 reminded her of us. We won't be forgotten, we were just stunned and blessed too. Thanks so much ! "

Dr. Wynne Goss
Wynne Goss Ministries & Founde
" A number of years ago I heard the wonderful John Wimber declare that in years ahead there would be a move of God in the earth that would shake the church's structure & it would be preceeded by the Lord moving people from one place to another. He clarified by saying that people in places of ministry, that they were not really called to, would find the Lord leading them into new areas of ministry that He had really prepared & called them too. I believe we have already begun to enter this phase of the Lord's preparing His Church for its greatest awakening & revival.
It is this awareness that makes me realise that Buddy Bells new book on the Ministry of Helps is not only a great read & study, but an imperitive addition to the library of every leader. Brother Buddy pleads with us to recognise the urgency & necessity of every believer finding their right place in the ministry of the church & the Kingdom of God in this hour. Read it, digest it, implement it & release the hidden potential of your own life & of those around you.

Julie Tan
" Hello Bro Buddy, truly blessed by your ministry. Abba was not only in the main auditorium at New Creation on the Sun of 9-Apr, He was also in the Children Church where I was serving. He delivered, physically delivered, a sermon on a card on John 15:5 to me when I was picking up trash after the children had done. After the main service was over, my husband told me the visiting Pastor preached on exactly the same message. The Lord knows what I needed that Sun, amidst the difficult situation with the ex-husband for over a year now. Our Abba is the living God.  Praise His name in the highest. Be richly blessed and thank you for your message in May last year in Singapore, Julie "

Althea Seepaul
San Fernando , Trinidad
" recently purchased copy of ministry of helps handbook and found it beneficial as an usher and bible school student.One of my giftings is ministry of helps "

" Hi,
GOD Bless you.
I work for my local church on the maintenance team and just viewed your DVD "Relating to your Pastor". I was so incredibly blessed and am "taking off" from the launching pad. Also I just tried to enter your live feed site I did have a little trouble yet it looks a great site with a great vision. May The LORD Bless you go that road. Thanks for Serving JESUS.

Henryetta, OK
" I atteneded you teaching session in Straddford Ok 2/6/06, and have been reading your book, on the Ministry of Helps. Your teaching has kindled the embers of my spirit in this area. Thank you for being an obediant vessel. "

Alan Barnes
Columbus, Ohio
" Recently our Pastor asked me to be in charge of the ushers and greeters at our church. We had some of your older materials, so I visited your website. I called and ordered the Ushers Training System and the Ideal Greeter. Though I have served as an usher and received training in the past, nothing compares to the wealth of information and instruction contained in your teachings. Along with Pastors instructions, you have provided the tools needed to develop a great team of ushers and greeters. After watching your dvds, I am very excited about the part our ushers and greeters are going to have in the helps ministry of our church.  Thank you very much.

Alan Barnes
Faith Life Family Church
Columbus, Ohio "

" After hearing Rev.Buddy, I wondered why I waited so long to get off my seat and start helping in my church. The Word is in me and the Word Works. I also had to paint my red tractor, its now green. "

Mike Trani 1/12/2006
" Your book on the Ministry of HELPS is a blessing. I first heard you speak through a video I watched several years ago. Not knowing at that time that I would later be working for my Church in the area of helps. GOD is so amazing and wonderful. I worked in the secular field for many years and have been working in Church since 1997. What a difference. GOD has blessed me through some things you have mentioned in your book and that video many years ago. Please keep serving GOD and HIS people. May GOD Bless you and your family and ministry staff richly with HIS Presence. Mike Trani The Church of the Hills - Maintenance "

Lawrence Tan
" Dearest Pastor Buddy Bell, it's been such a blessing and anointed time with God just spending Christmas this year listening to all your messages again - all 3 of them - when you came to our church to preach. Thank you so much for coming to New Creation Church. You have blessed us immensely, and once again reminded me of the reasons to serve God. Thank you so much Pastor. "OOOOOH...the infinite value of the humble gospel helpers. Thousands of people have no gifts as leaders, are number ONE helpers. How grand...revival will mooooove along when red-hot platoons of fiery baptized helpers crowd around God's heroic leaders of the embattled hosts!!!" Amen!!! "

Pastor Ellis Hodge 
St Peterburgs
" The people at our church that have read your book have changed their attitude about what the do in the body of Christ. "

Teo Ai Leng Aileen
" Dear Pastor Buddy Bell(Beloved of God); My name is:Teo Ai Leng Aileen.I am attending New Creation Church.My Senior Pastor is Pastor Joseph Prince.I got hold of your sermon "7 Bible Ways of how to relate to the Pastor".Thank you so much for this message.I joined New Creation only this year in April 2005. God knows how much I need to hear this message.I am not serving in any ministry yet.I love my Pastor and I am glad to be in New Creation Church.I am looking forward to seeing you and hearing you again.By the time you come, I will be in one of the ministries.I enjoyed your message very much.Yes,I am blessed.PRAISE JESUS for you and Pastor Prince.The LORD Bless you Superabundantly in everything you do and in every area of your life and your family too. With Christ's love; Aileen,the disciple whom Jesus loves. "

" I just want to thank you for all you have done for our pastors Tony and Sonya Collins at Cornerstone Christian Fellowship in Moulton, Alabama. And for supporting our local church. Because of you being obedient and willing to give to the Lord it has changed the lives of many people and will continue to change lives. You are truly blessed! "

" Our church has recently started an I.S.O.M. Bible school. We are in the 2nd Trimester and have had the privilege of learning under the teaching of Rev. Buddy Bell. All we can say is "Wow". His teachings are so relevant to the body of Christ even though the videos were made over 10 years ago. God bless you Rev. Bell! "

Philip and Devonna Hutsell
Asuncion, Paraguay
" Buddy,
Thank you so much for your ministry here in Paraguay.  You were a tremendous blessing and we are already seeing the fruit of your ministry with people signing up to help in different ministries in the church. We are continuing to enfasize your teachings in the services and the importance of the ministry of helps.  We look forward to having you back as soon a possible. Trust you caught the big one in Peru.
I am your brother,
Phil "

Lynton and Judy Turkington
Raleigh, NC
" Buddy, we want you to know that you were an awesome blessing to Celebration Family Church.  Not only did our church enjoy you immensely, but they also responded enthusiastically to your Ministry.  As a result of your Sunday morning message we have 70 new people involved in the Ministry of Helps.  This is going to be a tremendous help as we go to 2 morning services in September.  Thank you for staying true to your calling.  It is such a joy to watch the Lord flow-through you as you minister to the body of Christ.  We all came away with a sense of want God thinks about the armies of helpers been raised up around the world. "OOOHHHHHH the infinite value of the humble gospel helper...". Have a wonderful time in Peru and I pray that you are refreshed on your vacation and that you catch a huge bass in the Amazon. We love you. "

Joseph Robinson
Jax Fla
" Thanks Buddy for helping us at our church,We now have 5o new people serving in the different ministries in our church.Pastor Joe "

Annie Lee
" Dear Rev Buddy Bell,

Though I did not attend yr thur and fri services at NCC, I am truly blessed by listening to yr messages over and over again.

Besides the humor part of you, you have driven home the right motive to serve and glorify God.  Above all, it is ABBA FATHER, that gives us the LOVE to serve and the power to LOVE people.

May your ministry continue to be a blessing and a light to touch many broken, discouraged, unloved, depressed lives..and be restored. The fire of the Holy Spirit will manifest HIS outpouring like never b4 in yr life and also many christians alike.

Hope to see u back in Singapore.  Pray that God will lead me to visit yr church.

You are loved..by ABBA FATHER. Amen.


roshan mathew
" dear rev buddy;
i am so blessed to hear that sermon,on reciveing your pastor. i really hope that like new creation church manny churches will find peace and head to there blastoff..i am from a very tradition bound church from india,were i have experienced how we as a church mistreat our pastors.i really hope and pray that you would visit india and share this wonderfull message,as this could be the key for the blasoff for churches in India.please rev keep india and its numerous pastors in your prayers.i belive that this message will DEFENETLY bring manny pastors to lead there flocks to the blastoff for jesus. "

Patrick Lim
" dear rev buddy, we cannot adequately express our heartfelt thanks to u for gracing our church with your presence and sermons on the ministry of helps. we are all servers in new creation church and have been tremendously blessed and uplifted by your messages from God but delivered powerfully and clearly through you. fyi, we sat in on the normal sunday service knowing to expect the best but after sitting through your service, we were more than convinced that our Abba Father has powerfully annointed u to deliver his word. and we were blown away by your initial sermon and so we eagerly looked forward to your special service on wednesday night (normally we do not have any services on wednesdays) and boy oh boy, God's annointing on u was even more powerful. and this was our same experience in the thursday service and once again, we came away awesomely blessed. and because there was no better place on earth to be in on a friday evening and knowing this was your last service with us, (for the time being, anyway) we also caught your friday service (we do not attend friday services, ever). were we really glad we were there to take in your friday service. we pray that God will continue to bless, keep, protect and prosper u, rev Buddy and your family and loved ones. and may our Abba Father grant to your ministry to scale greater heights and successes in all the years to come. we will continue to uphold u, rev Buddy and your family and loved ones and your ministry in our prayers. SHALOM. "

" I would like to take this opportunity to thank Rev Buddy Bell. What Rev Buddy Bell preaches is very true. He challenges you to be what God wants you to be and not what people wnat you to be and that every ministry in church no matter how small is significant and a vital role. I am serving in the nursery in New Creation Church, Singapore. His sermon is heart-lifting and refreshing. His words have made me to go back to the basics, as to what God has called me for. God bless you richly Rev Bell. "

My Linh Pua
" Just to let you know that I enjoyed and felt so blessed when I attended the various services at New Creation Church where you were our Guest Speaker.  I learned so much about the Ministry of Helps and now as I am serving the Holy Communion there, I feel that I am really contributing something not so much to the church but to God's ministry.  God bless you and may your anointed teaching reach to many other churches all over the world so that more people can serve and be a blessing to their church bodies. "

" Indeed what you shared with us last night was indeed a revelation!It has really thrown new light to what we should do, as lay people together with our Pastors, to lift Jesus higher!  May the Lord continue to bless you richly! "

" My sister and I have been so blessed by your book on the ministry of helps. Its our hearts desire to be a blessing to our pastor, and to our precious church body. Your book was so encouraging to us that have been called to help and encourage in any way that the Lord needs us. Its the only book that I have read concerning the ministry of helps that you can really hear God's heart on this wonderful ministry. Blessings dear brother, Debbie "

Deacon Marcus 
Jonesboro, GA
" I just wanted to say Thank you for your Book Ministries of Helps. I have enjoyed reading it. God has truly blessed you in the pool of annointing to do what you do so well. Right now my class is reading that book and also doing a book report on it. At the same time you will be in East Point, GA on 3/11/05-3/12/05, and the report is due that date. You have blessed me with your book now that I am the Ushers and Greeters leader. I will use your book as a mandatory tool. THANK YOU! "

Ps. Willy & Jessica  Mont
Cusco, Peru
" Dear Brother Bell : We are using all your material available in spanish, it�s a real blessing to our church Camino de Vida Cusco and we grow to 400 people in attendance every week (imposible without Helps Ministry) We are now in local Tv with our broadcast Families in Victory. Please pray for us and tell another faith churches that the message is reaching the highlands of Peru. Thank�s God for MOHI and for your family. Ps. Willy & Jessica Mont "

Sun City Center, Fl.
" It's Sunday afternoon and my husband and I just got home from Church. We have spent three days in one of the best workshop's I have ever attended in my Christian walk. Pastor Bell's teaching was clear and to the point. For a long time I have tried to help in the church when I could but now I see why I need to be faithful and committed all the time. I am fire for God and to be a servant for him. Thank you Buddy Bell for coming to Riverview. God Bless you, This has been the best week-end ever. We have a great church and a great Pastor. "

Nancy Gomez
Glendal, Arizona
" I would like to thank MOHI for all of their prayers for my mother who was in a critical car accident. Last week, the doctors said she wouldn't make it. Today, she is walking and will be coming home soon.
The effectual fervant prayer of a righteous man availeth much!!

Thanks for your prayers. "

Nancy Gomez
Glendale, AZ
" Here's a poem the Lord gave me about the Ministry of Helps.

There must be a head for a ministry,
But a head has no value alone.
A head has a vision to strive for,
But can't function all on its own.

A head needs some eyes to see with,
And some ears to hear people's cries.
It needs some arms to reach out with,
Bringing comfort to those who cry.

Arms need hands to hold on with,
And hands need fingers to grasp.
A head needs a Body connected,
To effectively stand in the gap.

A Body needs legs to stand on,
Legs need feet to walk.
Feet need toes for balance,
Without balance the Body will fall.

A Body needs life flowing through it,
To accomplish the will of God.
A heart that beats like our Father,
Jesus' blood flowing through it all.

The breath of the Spirit blowing,
A fresh wind every morn.
Scattering the seeds we're sowing,
So souls are sure to be born.

A head has a vision to strive for,
But can't function all on its own.
It needs all the parts of the Body,
To bring glory to God alone.
Copyright Nancy J Gomez 8/2000

Nancy Gomez
Glendale, Arizona
" I want you to know what an incredible blessing your teachings are in our church. We have membership classes, ushers, greeters, hostess classes, and our ministry training school uses your videos. Virtually every area of our Body uses your teachings. Our church has grown and we are all getting involved! Everyone with the same mind, heart, and understanding on what the ministry of Helps is and should be doing. It is awesome! "

Peter Knight
" Dear Rev Bell, I would like to say that I attended some seminars at a church here in Melbourne (Aust) which included a number of your videos. They are very helpful to those of us who aren't called to full-time paid ministry (if you get my drift). The church I attended then has since closed down (I don't know why) but I've had teachings from yourself, The late Kenneth Hagin, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, Brian and Bobby Houston and Joyce Meyer, but I remember your technique coupled with your sense of humour really made yours stand out. May God continue to bless your ministry to the body worldwide! in HIS service, Peter Knight "

Milton, Washington
" Greetings, :) I just finished your book on Greeting 101. I am so greatful to get this additional information as I have been struggling for two years trying to put together a committed, faithful group who realize the importance of this servant work, but to no avail. Your book has given me some new ideas and has encouraged me in many ways. It comes naturally to me and yet I can't seem to find another person in our rather small church who loves it like I do, and realizes the importance of this ministry position. They come and go when they want, do as little as possiable, never show up for the meetings and such. I would rather have two commited one's than fifteen who could care less. I was glad to have found your resource book the other day and I don't believe it was just by chance. As soon as I can afford to buy a video or two I will. I am going to keep praying until I get a break through.\o/ Again, thank you so much for making this available to the public. It was so refreshing to finally find someone who thinks like I do about this particular ministry. God Bless you, Marci'a "

Detroit Lakes, MN
" I heard you speak at Joy Christian Center in St Cloud MN when my family was church members. Since them we moved back to my husbands home town. We planned for 6 years to move back and this summer was the right time. We know that God has sent us here to help with the harvest. I passed along your website information to Pastor Keith of Christian Fellowship to see if this teaching is what they are looking for. I really enjoyed your ministry to the body of Christ. There is an order to how things are done and appreciate what you are doing. God bless you and your family "

Alex Mumbi
Kitwe. Zambia
" I have been serving in the Ushering Ministry since about 1992 and have recently received demands to teach on Ushering both in our local Church and other Churches. These requests came at a time when I really had a strong burden to assist usher in the Body of Christ. Therefore these requests came as a confirmation that I should serve in the Kingdom in this area. In the process of seeking resource materials, I came to your web site. I am so glad that you have almost all the materials to make a start teaching Ushers in the Body of Christ. I now wait upon the Lord to help me mobilise finances to make the first purchase of some of these materials. God bless your Ministry that it may bless many other ministries as it has surely blessed mine. In the love of God Almighty, his son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit your fellow servant, Alex Mumbi "

Middleburg, PA
" My husband and I are in the process of reading books (your Greeting 101 is one of them)to give all new structure to our church greeting. Right now we have our Cell Groups doing the greeting, but finding it is not for everyone, so we are redesigning it, making a structured class out of what we draw from various books. I am learning lots just out of this book and am will be using a lot of your "stuff" in the class. Thank you for your Godly wisdom! "

Gwen Brown
Naples FL
" Serving the Body of Christ in the Local church is like the cream filling in a Twinkie! It makes life worth living. "

Wadesboro, NC
" Dr. Bell has visited our ministry in Lumberton NC and i didn't have the opportunity to attend the meeting. However, I purchased the Ministry of Helps book, and what a blessing it has been to me and to others that I have shared it with. God bless you for allowing the Holy Spirit use you to tear down the walls of religion and tradition which make the Word of God of non-effect! "

Virginia Ntuli
South Africa
" Just going through your web site has elevated my thinking and my capacity to perform better in my youth ministry, may God richly bless you. "

Dennis ?
Nashville, TN
" Buddy, Kathy, Jennifer, Brandee, Stephanie and Kendra were an enormous blessing to me throughout a very hard time in my Christian walk. I thank God for all of you. May God bless you. "

Minister Aline  Slowik
Clawson, Michigan
" Dear Reverend Bell,
    I wanted to let you know how helpful your book, Greeter 101, has been to our Ministry of Helps Greeter department.  I am the Director at Life Christian Church (formerly Spirit Life Christian Center) in Clawson, Michigan.  We have had very active participation in our Greeter Ministry, but our Senior Pastor, Pastor Marie Bernier, saw a need to have fewer greeters on the team to allow them to really learn their position.  Along with this change, it was decided that Greeter training would be helpful   Using your Greeter 101 book, as well as our LCC greeter manual, we began training our greeter team to fit the needs of our Church.  We've held three sessions so far.  Each session began with I Corinthians 12:28 and Ephesians 4:11-12 and the HELPS acronym.  We also read the back of the Greeter 101 book.  It was such an encouragement to the greeters to hear how "regular" folks could impact others is such a simple way as being there to say hello and welcome people to our Church.  We covered being prepared by being prayed up, punctuality, our dress code, and different kinds of hugs which are a part of progressive friendliness so as not to overwhelm visitors.   "

Minister Aline  Slowik
Clawson, Michigan
" At session three, one of our drama team members enabled our greeters to do a mock greeting: he came into the room as a frazzled dad with three young children in tow, as a first time visitor, and then a sporadic,friendly attendee.  In our mock set-up, we had a greeter meet him at the door, greet him, and give him a bulletin.  Then we discussed what had just happened and how we might have done better.  To demonstrate the types of hugs, the Director role-played with our "visitor" so we all could see what the handshakes and hugs look like.
    There has been a very good response to the two-team greeter rotation.  We have consistency, which the attendees like, and the greeters are getting ready to handle all sorts of different situations as our Church continues to grow.  Our favorite greeter to greeter line is "Buddy Bell says..."
Thank you,
Minister Aline Slowik "

John D Ashwell
Christchurch, New Zealand
" God has told me,just recently, to be prepared in the areas of preaching and teaching. I saw you minister at Beulah fellowship a number of years ago,in Christchurch, and thought your style of preaching was exellent. Do you have any teachings on preaching methods. I will be 50 years old this year, married with five children,baptised in the Holy Spirit,speaking in tongues and have never preached to a crowd before, could you help me? Awaiting your reply. Many thanks. John D Ashwell. "

John Bonventre
" Greetings in JESUS!!!!  First I would like to say, THANKYOU. Thankyou for your wonderful ministry and obedience to the Spirit of God. You all are such a blessing. I think so many times the "ministry of helps" in the Body of Christ is still overlooked in whole. People want to do something for God they say they have the desire, but they want the "big" things so to speak. I beleive that ALL things are big in the sight of the Lord as long as they are done in obedience from a perfect heart. He that gathers little by little shall increase(Prov13:11). I know this scripture generally pertains to money and financial gain but the same spiritual principle applies. We all start little by little and grow into the perfect man in Christ. We all need to start growing up and become strong men and women in Jesus. Take hold of where we are , be faithful in it and God will provide the increase and bring the honor and promotion. Look not at the position but at the performance of obedience. Do it for God and do it with all your heart. God has called me to teach His word, but you know what He has me doing right now? Working in the food distribution ministry of my local church.I know that God has placed me there and if I prove faithful God will advance. So, I do it with JOY and LOVE in the Spirit of the Lord. God has done , is doing and will do more and more excellent . "

Terry Duncan
Daytona Beach, Florida
" Dear Brother Bell,you preached at our church in Grand Forks,ND in the late 1980's.You impacted my life so much that I knew my life would never be the same.While watching  Brother Bell's video ,"Faithfullness,the Crowbar of God",I began to cry. Really it was travail.Being birthed on the inside of me was the call of God,that I had been desiring,and that was the Ministry of Helps.I have worked in the area of my calling for the last 17 years.Recently ,God has allowed me to go and minister ,to churches,out of my heart on the Ministry of Helps.I just returned from Australia and will be going back possibly in October 2004 , with possibly a stop in South Africa.I thank God for brother Bell's obedience and faithfulness.His ministry is reaching into nations that maybe he doesn't even know about.Keep up the great work brother Bell.You and the ministry God has entrusted you with is desperately needed.God bless. "

Haneef N Nelson
Enfield, Connecticut
" I am an African-American male taking I.S.O.M in a Russian Church.  We have been going over the Ministry of Helps by Rev. Buddy Bell, and his teaching has truly been a blessing to me and my fellow classmates.  The insights that I have gained will stay with me and all throughout the rest of my life.  I currently serve my church as a Deacon and musician while studying to become a minister.  Rev. Buddy Bell's teaching truly embodies the missing link in many of our churches today. "

Sheree Jenkins
Smithfield, Virginia
" I work as an part-time administrative assistant to my pastors in a small town Virginia.  Recently, I had been considering changing jobs so I could be a greater asset to my church, or so I was being led to think.

When I shared my concerns with my pastors, because they are so full of the Word of God, they gave me the simple truth of the Word concerning faith, faithfulness, and perserverance.  After listening to both of them on two separate occasions, I immediately felt the Spirit of God within me confirm that I was not to move and to wait patiently on Him to show me what to do next.

I thank God for the Holy Spirit, and for my wonderful pastors, Rev. Perry Moss, Jr. and Dr. Belinda G. Moss.

Sheree Jenkins
Smithfield, VA "

" Dear Pastor, Greetings in the name of Jesus. I was blessed by my visit to your site today and I pray the holy spirit will be poured outupon you as you touch the lives that visit your site. your site is your site is an anointment from God and I truly have been blessed by my visit here more than you will everknow. It is truly a blessing to visit sites that are such a blessing for a lost and dying world on the internet. We certainly need more sites as yours and others to reach the web for the Lord.

Mrs. Roberta Beams
Lytle/Cotulla, Texas
" I would like to testify to the truth of Proverbs 17:22.  For more than a year I had suffered with a loud roaring sound in my ear.  I was also unable to hear as well as I should in that ear.  Although I had prayed about it and others prayed for me, the relief I received as a result seemed to be only temporary.  Then, in July of this year Bro. Buddy and Sis. Kathy Bell cam ego minister at our churches in Cotulla and Lytle, Texas.  Throughout the Saturday Ministry of Helps Seminar that Bro. Buddy held in Cotulla, I could not stop laughing.  Again on Sunday, I thoroughly enjoyed his ministry at our services. Before the weekend was over, I realized that I had been completely healed in my ear.  There was no more roaring!  God is good and His Word is true - He knows the importance of releasing stress and allowing His joy to fill our hearts.  Thank God for His power and for the ministry of Buddy and Kathy Bell!

Mrs. Roberta Beams
Pastor's Wife
Prevailing Word Church
Lytle/Cotulla,  Texas

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