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 Security in CHURCH?


Lets first start off with the question, what is Security in the church? Security comes in all shapes and sizes. It is locks, alarms, surveillance cameras, security officers and more all within the local church.

In a bonus section in Dr.Buddy Bells new book “USHERING 101” I go on to explain why security in the church is essential. Whether you’re a mega-church or a beginning church, security is A-MUST. 

The statistics stated in the book show that criminal incidents, and even death in religious organizations, is at an all time high and rising.  This information is not meant to frighten anyone in anyway, but instead, to educate you to see that not everyone attending your church has good intentions. However unfortunate this is, we have to remember we live in the real world with a real enemy and his name is SatanJohn 10:10 says Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy and he’ll do it by any means necessary. Satan doesn't just want to steal or kill he wants to destroy the body of Christ. 

The reasons for church security are simple: to keep everyone safe and secure. Security is there to keep the integrity of the service so that guest are able to receive from the Word of God, free from distractions. 

For example: A few years ago, prior to our church having a security team, a man walked in right before our morning service was about to begin. You could tell he hadn't had a bath in days by the filth he was covered in. He walked into our auditorium, grabbed the American flag, than ran around the auditorium screaming obscene things. It wasn’t until one of the members of the congregation finally stood up and took control of the situation, that he stopped. You see this man was obviously disturbed and if we would have had security in place, I guarantee you it would not have gone that far. As our Pastor came out he didn’t know anything had happened but he did mentioned that when he walked out in the auditorium, you could cut the tension with a knife. This was a big distraction and it made it hard for our guest to receive from the Word. It also made it difficult for pastor to present the word.  This is only a mere example as to the reasons for having security. I’m sure you have heard of all the shootings that have happened in churches as well. Security is an essential part in the smooth operation of the church.


In the security section of the book “Ushering 101” I answer questions frequently asked about church security such as:

When should a church consider having security?

What about using ushers for security?

Is Security Biblical?  

Are laws different in Churches than corporations?

I also list examples and go into details regarding some experiences my team and I have undergone.


So if you’re thinking about security in your church or you want to beef up your usher team, I highly recommend reading “USHERING 101” by Dr.Buddy Bell

With the bonus section on Church Security by Matthew R. Allen


Matthew is an ordained minister with over 12 years in the ministry. He graduated from CSI (Christian Security Institute) and is the founder of MDminstry, a world wide ministry that preaches the gospel while helping churches see the importance of Church Security. 


Matthew R Allen





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