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Monday, 27 August 2012
Rebecca Corley
lorain ohio

1) To address him as Pastor wherever  and whenever you see him! That'll remind him and all near him of his position as a messenger of God. Treat  him with respect.
2) Find a chance to express your appreciation to him, be it his look/sermon/whatever.
3) Come to church and pay attention to his sermon; don't sleep during the sermon! What could hurt a man of God more than choosing not to fill the church that God has given him to share his knowledge and love with.
4) Pray for one another.  If one member of the body of Christ is in pain, then the whole body will suffer.  A stubbed toe, will cause the whole body to limp everywhere it goes, even into the presence of God. To enable the Holy Ghost to bless you through your Pastor, to his fullest ability, he will need to present a healthy body before God's throne. Seek to help and love one another and that means everyone not just the ones you know, or the ones you like. Don't complain about one another or hurt each other, don't expose the others sins to the world, but pray for them and help them overcome them. Hurting someone else only hurts the body that you are in!  We have to help bear the responsibility for one another, so that the Pastor does not have to carry the whole burden. Treat him well and free him from hassles in church, so he can concentrate on receiving God's word and feeding the congregation.

" A pastor's personal accomplishment may well be the weekly sermon he prepares meticulously.  At least every now and then, it would motivate the pastor if we could send a brief email to him/her or text message on his/her cellphone to express our appreciation for the sermon after the service.  This will mean a lot to the pastor, and will let him know that his work is meeting the church direction or purpose. "

William Dickerson
Leesville, LA
" I helped my pastor move into his new house.  His clothes were on wire hangers, so I purchased wooden hanger with beautiful metallic hooks on them and presented them to my pastor after one of our community events.  I profess my love to them and for them at every opportunity.  In a graduation card, in a birthday card, during intercessory prayer, during conversation with my prayer partner and always in my mind and heart.  Attend every service (that I am able to attend) and finally do whatever they say, even if it is highly inconvenient such as dressing less casual during the week when serving as an usher, for example.
Pay tithes faithfully and make myself accountable for my whereabouts to them i.e. when I am leaving town, I tell them and for how long so they never have to wonder. "

" 1) To address him as pastor wherever you see him! That'll remind him of his position as a messenger of God
2) To treat him with respect.
3) find chance to express your appreciation to him, be it his look/sermon.
4) Pay attention to his sermon, don't sleep during sermon!
5) treat him well and free him from hassles in church, so he can concerntrating in receiving god's word and feed to congregation.
6) Do not speak evil against him, even if he is not doing right thing, cause the more you speak evil against him, devil will be more than happy to agree with you and make your evil report come to pass.
7) if you don't like your pastor, instead of complaint about him all the time, leave the church. Find another church where you can receive message form the pulpit.

I am very blessed to have very anointed pastors/leaders in my church, may the Lord continue to bless them, favour them and feed them in all ways. More and more revelation about out Lord Jesus Christ be reveal to them, that they may be shielded in all ways, that no poison darts can come against them.

" i always at least remember them with a verbal thank you, and usually send a card. 
thanks for asking.

" Here are a few ideas that I wish to share with you, that may have to be applied with discernment depending on local customs & habits:

-    Publicly recognise the pastor AND his wife AND children during a service (as a surprise of course) - standing ovation, flowers etc
-    Treat your pastor and spouse to a special meal (BBQ, home setting, restaurant)
-    Replace, repair, buy that "rickety" item (car, TV, stereo, computer, golf set...) that was either faulty or damaged
-    Treat them to a week-end in a place they had been longing to go to for years, yet had to postpone due to time or financial constraints
-    Buy him (them) a holiday
-    Invite them along for a - say fishing, hiking, diving trip.
-    Offer them  a special book (collection), reference library he (they) were looking for ...

There are of course many more.

Hope this has been helpful

" Ways to bless my pastor;

a.  pray for my pastor and family every day
b.  encourage my pastor through personal emails
c.  send birthday greeting card and festive greeting card
d.  agree with pastor during sermons by amen, preach it pastor, etc.
e.  buy his tapes. cds, vcds, dvds.
f.  buy his books
g.  greet pastor and shake hands and tell the pastor we appreciate him/her.

The VMW Group 
Canton, TX
" One year at Word of Victory Outreach Center in Canton, TX the senior aged ladies prepared and served a special 5 course dinner for our pastors, Mike and Janet Burns, and our Youth Ministers and Praise and Worship Leaders.  A local Bed & Breakfast, the Victorian Rose, offered us the facilities to honor our leaders with a special gathering hour and candlelight dinner.  We selected the menu and each one of us prepared a dish.  With food specially prepared and served on fine china, and beverages in sparkling crystal, the flowers and candlelight just added to the ambiance.  Since most of our pastors and leaders live busy hectic lives, it meant so much to them that we had selected a quiet secluded place for them to dine in luxury for a few hours.  Since we are servants, we did just that, we served and made ourselves as invisible as possible like courteous waitstaff do so the guests can converse and enjoy themselves.  With dessert we served specialty coffee and tea. It was wonderful to watch each one relax, taking time to enjoy the food in front of them, while conversing and laughing.  We were blessed too--preparing, serving, cleaning up, and chatting with each other--as the spirit filled us with joy as we watched our pastors and leaders relax and enjoy a special evening together!
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Friday, 23 September 2011
All over the world, groups of people from every nation gather for prayer and spiritual fulfillment. These physical gatherings were once the only way for people to hear and preach the gospel. However, even something as old-fashioned as Sunday School could use a little bit of technology now and then to help spread the word farther and wider.

At comF5, we integrate video into everything we do. With our LiveF5 product a church, or any religious congregation, is able to hold live broadcasts of sermons, classes and events which not only manage to reach people from far away, but those who are sick or simply unable to attend physically for whatever reason. LiveF5 also allows you to store your live recordings so that people can review them later or just review what they may have missed.

With MailF5 and MarketingF5 you are able to place video inside your newsletters and email updates which allows you to convey not only the words of the gospel, but your passion for the gospel. It also lets you speak to your members, not just send them text, outside of the normal meetings.

With comF5 your congregation does not need to sit together in order to be together.
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Friday, 19 August 2011
Thinking Out Loud...

The gifting's within others continue to amaze me. As Paul reminded the Corinthian church that they were part of a body and each one has gifts differing. I must admit the older I get the more aware of this one thing I am becoming - We, in and of ourselves, can not expect to thrive relying solely on what we know or what we are gifted to do. We Need Others - it is the way God made us.

So then why is it, when I encounter someone with a gift that inspires me do I catch myself wishing that their gift were mine? Instead, the mature response should be that of celebrating the gifting's within others and giving them credit for what they have that I  do not possess myself. I find the need to remind myself once again that the gifting's in others are intended to strengthen and encourage me which really is the way it is suppose to be according to Paul's admonition in I Corinthians 12.

Baring my soul today, I must admit that in the past I have actually found myself hiding the gifts that I have found in others from people I know, so that my gifting's would be exalted in the minds of others. When I hide your strengths to make me look special, important, smarter or valuable something is wrong....talk about insecure.

So I encourage you - look around you today. Take time to consider the gifting's within those you live with, do church with and work with...it just might surprise you what they have that is being taken for granted. Together with Christ, the Holy Spirit and His Word people were given to you for your benefit. You can not thrive and succeed without them, for they are your God intended supply of strength in the areas you are weak in - they are a supply of wisdom in areas you lack in - they will see things from their perspective that you will not see without them - they have people skills you do not possess - they can throw a party you could never throw - they know about technology that you are completely ignorant of  - they have ideas you will never dream - they have experience in areas that you have never experienced - they see solutions you do not see....

Rhema Alumni Family - Valuing the gifts within others is a great gift to give yourself.

So while I was reading the most recent Michael Hyatt blog post I found myself thinking - wow, I wish I could write as prolific as he and come up with topics like he does....but then I was reminded, we are not all gifted alike....so instead of trying to be like him I will just pass on a recent post that blessed me - I hope you enjoy gleaning from his gifting's as I have this morning.

Have a great weekend from all of us here in the Rhema Alumni Office -  we love you and pray for you...
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Wednesday, 15 June 2011
Nine Ways to Properly Host a Guest Speaker
By Stephanie Bell

1. Find out what your guest likes. Snacks (candy bars, crackers, cheese), drinks, mints, etc. Have a welcome basket made for them and put in their hotel room prior to their arrival. If their wife is traveling with them or they are a woman minister, have a basket with candels and/or bath and body products in it.

2. What kind of honorarium should you give? Don't expect your offering to be a sufficient amount for your speaker. If you cannot give a sufficient amount, don't ask them to come. A lot of traveling ministers live off of their honorariums. Can you live off of $100 a week for you and your family? Most likely the answer is no. Always ask your guest what they normally receive for the type of meeting you are having and give them that amount or more. Have their check ready to give them before they leave. Never send the check in the mail. Idea: Start taking an extra offering once a month for three months before the meeting!

3. If you're not prepared to spend a little extra money and time, you are not ready to have a guest speaker in. It is going to take money! Remember, How would you want to be treated? If you treat a guest well and take care of him/her, he/she will be able to minister better.

4. Once they arrive before the meeting, give the speaker time alone. Don't assume they want to go and visit with everyone in the church. 99% of the speakers would like to have time alone before they preach.

5. Give your guest the choice of going to eat after service or to your home. Don't plan it - ask! Sometimes they may be too tired to go eat and they will just want to go back to the hotel.

6. When you have a male guest don't have a female pick them up or vice versa.

7. Hotel's - Most guests would rather stay in a hotel than your home. Yes, it's cheaper for you if they stay in your house, but they won't have privacy to prepare for the services. Don't put them in Motel 6, if this is all you can afford, you're not ready to have a special guest. You don't have to spend $100 a night. You do need to go look at the rooms before you have your guest come. You can find a nice hotel for $90-$125 a night, easy. A plus for your guest would be to check the heat/air before your guest arrives to make their room comfortable.

8. Find out if your guest prefers to rent a car or have you pick them up. If you are picking them up: make sure your car is clean on the inside and outside. Find out how much luggage your guest will have and make sure your car is big enough to put it in.

9.Often a guest minister will be told that the host church will be "looking after" the hotel. But when the guest checks in, he/she is asked for a credit card. There has been a mix-up of some kind and the front desk is not aware that the host church is responsible. If the guest minister can provide written confirmation that the host church is paying the hotel, that is helpful. In other cases, the host church is paying for the hotel and meals, but not phone calls, etc. This should be clearly stated in the invitation letter. Also whether or not they can charge meals to their room number. Another thing is that if they are ministering in another country other than the US, it should be made clear that they are being paid in the currency of the host country, unless otherwise arranged.

Most importantly, communicate with your guest speaker before they come on the arrangements you have made for them concerning the hotel and honorarium so you are able to have a fulfilling meeting with your guest speaker.
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Wednesday, 27 April 2011
In the last few weeks a lot of attention was drawn to the new book "Love Wins " by Rob Bell. A friend of mine read the book and said his conclusion was that Rob Bell did not have anything biblically solid to say, but rather his book was basically a giant question on Hell with a question much like Eve was given in the garden by the serpent who said " Did God really say you will die? ".

Many people love Rob Bell and his style because they say he makes people think and causes people to doubt things and wonder. Adam and Eve were provoked to question what God first said and looked what happened to them and in turn us. And after they were posed with a question about what God originally said they changed their minds and made a bad decision and we are all still all dealing with sin because of it. Adam & Eve intoxicated their minds with another influence beyond God’s.

The bible is very clear from Old and New Testaments that God will hold each soul accountable in the end. God also makes it clear in the Bible that the way to destruction is wide and the way to peace is narrow and very few find it. Jesus did not say that everyone will find peace and the narrow path, but few would be on it. Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. Matthew 7:13

It is true that God loves everyone and that Jesus paid a price for everyone's sins so that whosoever wanted Him, the narrow path, forgiveness ,release and eternal life would not be denied.

1 Peter 5:8 says to the followers of Jesus , " be of sober spirit, be on the alert. Your adversary, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour."

Let me pose a Rob Bell style question to you in reverse? Does God's Word really say you have to be sober minded and alert about an enemy? Certainly God will not let anything happen to those he loves. I could write a long article or even a book trying to convince believers that God's power, grace and strength will never allow anything  bad to happen to His children, but that would not be true to life or the scriptures. Just ask the marytrs someday.

I won't write anything like that because I know that the full council of the Word of God teaches a balance between divine protection and personal responsibility.

What does it mean to be Sober minded and Alert? In today's world the roaring devil is still out seeking whom he may destroy.

In the Gospel of John 3:18 it says," whoever does not believe stands condemned already because they have not believed in the name of God’s one and only Son." The only solution to our present state of damnation is to turn to Jesus Christ and trust Him and receive His offer of escape. If we accept Him and follow and stay sober we have great hope and so much more. If we reject, get sloppy and careless and get intoxicated in our minds with the philosophies of this world then we are warned we will be devoured by an enemy. A sober mind is a mind & heart that feeds upon the Word of God, meditating on it day and night. Psalm 1:2 But his delight is in the law of the LORD, and on his law he meditates day and night.

Are you sober minded?
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Thursday, 17 February 2011
Jesus commanded us to go into all the world and makes disciples. That mission is so broad in methodology, yet so focused in purpose. Jesus also taught on how to make disciples by a 3 part step.  1. Testimony through water baptism. 2.Instruction through teaching. 3. Mentoring through example. The applications for all of these can be done in through technology with the exception of water baptism of course.  Even though technology is lowest form of communication and in person ministry is the highest form of communication it is nonetheless communication and should be considered with its present ease and accessibility for so many ministries. 

The local church should be focused on making and reaching others for Christ where they are physically located and where they can develop meaningful relationships face to face. That is the highest form of discipleship making. However discipleship / mentoring does not have to be limited to the highest form and especially so when the recording of that highest form can be shared without much effort or in some cases no effort as the lowest form of communication.
  James O Davis in a seminar I attended once said, “the lowest form of communication is predictability”. The highest form of communication for the preacher is proclaiming the gospel. So if people can predict what will happen before it happens because it happens that way so often then we communicate predictability as the lowest form of communication. If our disciples making efforts are also predictable why would we not try to share them beyond our Control Zone of personal influence?
As a local church of Jesus in your community you have a mission to reach others for Christ right where you are physically located. Granted you send missionaries out beyond your area and support them. But aside from that, if you’re lowest form of communication (predictability) and highest forms of communication (preaching a new message) can be captured and spread around the globe with little effort and little expense why would you not do it? 
                                   The ministries I have been in have been sharing for now over 10 years over the internet. I could tell you story after story of how many different touches I am aware of just by sharing what we already do over the internet. Before the internet was Radio and TV. Those forms of communication were cost prohibitive for the majority of churches. With the advent of the internet the majority of churches are without excuse now. We should all be taking advantage of these tools for His honor and glory.
 The objections we can drum up for not considering reaching others for Christ beyond our control and direct influence usually boil down to selfishness, inconvenience and intimation of the unknown. If we are already going to teach and preach locally why not splash that influence and anointing wherever the Spirit of God may direct it?  If you have watched any type of spiritual content on recorded or live  media and learned something, then you just justified why you should do the same. 

Last but certainly not least is the example of Jesus spending time with his disciples. When Jesus was teaching anyone of His disciple He always had the others disciples around listening to that conversation. Rarely do we find Jesus doing one on one ministry accept for Prayer with the Father and very few random examples. Even though a comment might have been directed to one disciple in particular the rest of the disciples observed and caught the splash over by default. What a great example Jesus gives of having influence beyond the target. If we target our local community while also spreading that influence through broadcasting and social media, God can reach more lost and discouraged souls than had you not given opportunity to splash and multiple your influence.      

               In our local ministry we know we have had impact and influence through audio/website/blog and video broadcast around the world. If you would like suggestions and ideas based on your equipment and budget constraints I would be glad to consult and direct. When it comes to communication on the internet the lowest form of communication is print and the highest form of communication is live and interactive video. Let’s reach our world for Christ and not limit what God will do with His word when released beyond our direct control.

Peter Migner is a pastor in Florida who also does personal digital consulting for churches and pastors. You can reach him and review his blogs at www.petermigner.com
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