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Administration Keys for Leadership
Stephanie Bell's 5 keys to being a successful administrator.

Effective: 1. Producing an expected effect. 2. Producing or designed to produce a desired effect.

The main job as an Administrator is management. As an administrator you must be willing to take the back seat and not always be in the limelight. A lot of what an administrator does is not seen, but is very important. I am going to give you some keys of not only being an administrator but also being an effective administrator.

As in the above definition an effective person is one who produces what you are looking for. The first key to being an administrator is having the heart of your Sr.Pastor or Youth Pastor, so that you are able to produce what you know they would want. If you are just starting out with a Sr. Pastor or Youth Pastor it will take some time for you to get to know them, but that should be your primary goal. Once you have figured out how your boss thinks and how he/she likes things then you will be able to produce what they are looking for.

When you are a manager of a restaurant, it is your responsibility to have everything needed to run your shift. It is the same in what you do in ministry. Take a walk through your youth ministry as if you were a first time visitor. Try to think of everything you would need to see, hear or read in order to know what is going on. Now, it is your job to make sure those details are taken care of. The most important thing to you should be when someone comes into your facility for a service, knowing that you have done everything possible so they are informed. You should take it personal when someone doesn't feel like they have the information they need. Always be open for improvement.

I have learned a lot working in ministry, but one of the most important things I have learned is that we all make mistakes and we should be willing to learn from those mistakes. I take every mistake as a stepping-stone to learn more.

Another very important key in being an effective administrator is communication. Remember, you can never communicate too much. It is important that you know the best way to communicate with your boss. A good way to communicate is through memos. If a question can be put on paper, don't waste your boss' time by calling him or dropping in. There are some things that cannot be put on paper, therefore use the memo to shedule a meting with your boss. It is important that you find the best way to communicate with your boss and use it!

The next key in being an effective administrator is learning to work with all types of personalities, whether they are staff or volunteers. I found out that there is always be someone different than me that I am going to have to work with. Learn to work with everyone, it will take you so much further in life and in ministry.

The fourth key to being an effective administrator is time management. Take time every morning to plan your day or even your week. When things are put on a schedule and planned out, you will be much more effective in everything you do.

The fifth and probably the most important key is do not allow yourself to burnout. Take time for yourself. Never take on more than you can handle. It is better to not take a project up front, than to not be able to complete it in the end. Remember, communicate with you boss when you feel like you have too much to do. A lot of times they don't realize how busy you really are.
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