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    People often say you got to see Buddy Bell not just hear him. For so many years the only way to be seen was on television and we did not have the money to do that so we traveled to many places around the world to be seen. Today I have total a good four and half million air miles and thousands of road miles and to honest with you ‘thank God’ for technology.

    I have always been interested in technology for as long as I can remember. I wanted to go into electronics out of high school but instead went to work in a factory. As soon as the internet was birth I started exploring this technology and I was hooked. I have kept up with every new invention and software that was produced for churches and ministries. Some were good but didn’t stay around very long. Churches and ministries were slow to get started with computers and software but they are beginning to catch up.
    I hope you take the time to look at what we have here for churches and ministries. I’m not a expert but I know what is good and what is not. As I said I have been on the internet since it started and have used a lot of different software. You will be amazed and shocked by what you can do with such little cost.

Why Ministries should consider Attain Response (ComF5)?
If a church is going to spend money on technology to spread the gospel there is no question ComF5 is the wisest investment available today. More than half of the churches in the USA and Canada are under 100 in attendance. I realize that online ministry has many options from websites, blogs and the vast array of social networks. ComF5 allows the average size churches as well as the mega churches to use the best in technology at the most affordable price. ComF5 allows the user to be in the driver's seat with controlling the content and easy management of audio, video, email, live streaming, follow up and statistics of views. ComF5 works with both MAC and PC and works with cell phones and integrates easily into existing websites. ComF5 is so diverse that it could be used as a website if a church is really budget restricted, but still wants to do it all online. ComF5 has a great support system and truly listens to the field of consumers for its enhancements and continued developments. AR services should be the number one investment of choice for a church planter and a services consideration for the well established church who is already online. It truly is user friendly and diverse and developed with the church in mind.
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